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A special kind of expertise and products are required for professional audio systems. Bose professional has been into the business of producing loudspeakers, electronics, and also software for over 4 decades in order to satisfy the demands of pro audio apps. Bose Professional audio products are marketed by professional audio dealers and distributors who have the authorization. It provides significant support for its network of distributors such as product tech info, support for system design, and also after-sale support. Bose sound is widely known all over the world in places such as –

* dance clubs

* performing arts centers

* corporate building

* conference rooms

* Theaters

* places of worship

* stadia

* auditoriums

* retail stores

* live music venues

* hospitality establishments

* eateries

* hotels

* sports arenas


Bose professional audio services include a collection of amplifiers which serve various purposes. Its multi-channel amplifiers are used to drive foreground and producing live music because of its high output. It also has combination amplifiers and mixers that are used for paging and also background music. Bose’s technology is patented and guarantees premium sound performance.

Sound Processors

Bose professional has engineered sound processors which are flexible and can also be easily configured to assist in audio performance delivery and easy usage. These processors help in the creation of sound systems that can be easily controlled to provide solutions to almost any project


Bose Professional provides a variety of software apps which help designers and integrators to create audio systems that are reliable.

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