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Business & Commercial.

  • Meeting Room Automation
  • Space Scheduling
  • Distributed / Networked AV
  • Audio Processing and Distribution
  • Loud Speakers and Sound Management
  • Digital Signage
  • Enterprise AV Asset Management

Audio Video Techs are at experts at conference & meeting room projectors and projection screen installation. We are a home theater installation service offering security cameras, business projectors, projectors and monitors for conference rooms, churches and businesses. Here are examples of past work.

  • Golds Gym
  • Ginn Group
  • Tahitian Noni
  • Dalton Carpets Whole sale
  • RC Electronics
  • Berean Christian Church
  • Hoops Sports Bar
  • Conyers Suzuki
  • Steve Tires
  • Top Signs
  • Apple bee’s
  • Disney Store
  • Crazy 8
  • Huddle Room
  • Huddle Space
  • Cafeteria
  • Training Theater
  • Reception Area
  • Open Office Areas
  • Lobby
  • Hallways and Common Areas
  • Conference Room
  • Boardroom
  • Break Room
  • Auditorium




Audio Install At Clothing Store In Lenox Mall

We were contracted to install a 70 volt Bose audio system at a local retail store at Lennox Mall. The system consisted of 18 speakers and 2 70v amps. The system was design to have dual zones, one for the ladies department and one zone for the men department. At the start of the project, we were required to rough in speaker boxes, pre-wire the audio system for the entire store, read blueprints and audio schematics, and locate each speaker for its specific location. Once all the construction was completed we returned to install all of the speakers and components that were necessary to complete the project. All units were installed to 100% satisfaction and operate seamlessly.


70 Volt Install At A Kids Clothing Store

We were contracted by a Service Company MPO to do a install for a children’s clothing store. The scope of work included mounting a 50 inch Panasonic television along with installing a 70 volt audio system. The system was designed to entertain the children while the parent shop. We installed a Mbox media system to the amplifiers to provide endless background music for the patrons. The entire install took 1 day and the client was 100% satisfied.


Video Wall And Audio Install For Luxury Retail Store

ATI and TLC Communications partnered to install a video wall for a luxury retail store in Atlanta. The scope of work included us building a video wall and installing 70 volt audio system. The wall will consist of 3) 40 inch monitor incased in a cabinet. Once the wall was completed the image expanded to 120 inches. We also installed 8 ceiling tile speakers for audio that was powered by a 70 volt amplifier. All units were installed in a professional manner and operated flawlessly.


TV Install for Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia

AV Solutions For Conference Rooms

We were contracted by a hotel on West Peachtree street to install a television in the hotels breakfast dining area. The client had a 55 inch Samsung flat screen television to be mounted to the wall in the breakfast area. We came out the same day and analyzed what needed to be done to make the install a success. We gave the client a variety of service installation options. We install the television on a full motion mount, which gave the client several options of positioning the television. We also install all of the hdtv cables and electrical power supply. The entire install was completed in 4 hours and the client was 100% satisfied.


Local Bar TV Installation : Atlanta

ATI and TLC joined forces to install a video system at a local bar. This project consisted of us mounting 2 TV’s behind the bar, a Zantech IR kit and two DIRECTV receivers that provided satellite programs. This was a stream line install for our team, due to the open space of the bar. The entire install was completed in 1 day and now customers can sit at the bar and enjoy the news or their favorite sporting event.


Dental Lab Corporate Training Room

A dental lab needed a training room design for its managers to train new employees. We design a room that consists of a 120”recessed motorized screen by vutec and a Dell high resolution projector. We also included the infocus lite show, which allows the customer to transmit information to the projector wirelessly. The device is great when you have several employees using the same projector periodically throughout the day. Once the software is on your laptop, the video from your computer will transfer to the projector wirelessly. We used our ceiling mount projector mount to support the projector and were hidden above the drop ceiling so that was not exposed.

Room Design – Audio Visual System Installation – AV Equipment – Lighting System

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