Projector Installation and Service

Projector Installation and Service

Projector and Projection Screen installation services are rendered by technicians specially trained in this field. They render this installation services in homes, business places, government offices and community service facilities.

Home projector and projector screen installation services include installations for; new home buildings, pre- and post-construction, house remodeling, home theater room additions etc.

Standard business projector and projector screen installation services include; Conference centers, Night and Sports clubs, Bar and Restaurants, Gym and Athletic areas, Casino floors, Guest rooms, Operations and Security centers, Businesses conference rooms, Retail Stores and Showrooms, Banks and financial institutions, Hotels and Motels penthouse projector and projection screen installation.

Projector and projector screen installation services for government, educational and community service facilities include installations for Houses of worship, Government facilities site assessment, Military facilities site assessment, Law enforcement offices, Educational facilities, Lecture theatres and classrooms etc.

The following are the processes involved in rendering a Projector installation service.
Determine Location: Technicians help clients to plan on installing the screen in an area that is easily viewable from the existing furniture and situated in a place that the projector will display against well. It is not advisable to install over a window that receives direct sunlight or to use a screen as a substitute for a window covering because intense prolonged sunlight can damage the material. It is also necessary to know that projectors produce the best image in a dark environment, so best results are always produced once the sun has set.

Initial Setup: The professional install team performs any preliminary work, including unpacking the projector.

Create Template for Marking Predrill Holes: The projector screen will range between 30-60 pounds and to make its installation easier and more precise, technicians can create a template using a piece of cardboard. The template will serve to keep the holes for screws evenly spaced from each other and evenly spaced from the wall if there will be a need to extend to bypass wall art or window trim.

Predrill the Holes: By using a 3/16 drill bit to bore through the drywall. It is always good to predrill to make it easier to install the real screws and it is an easy way to determine whether one is going to hit a stud in the ceiling.

Mounting: A mount to hold the projector is installed. Typically these are wall-mount, ceiling-mount or custom solutions with either a fixed or suspended configuration.

Install Projector: The projector is then secured to the mounting hardware.

Cable Run: VGA or projector cables are then run from the projector to a wall dropbox for easy access. The technicians will run the cables either through the ceiling or arrange them by another site-specific solution.

Computer Connection and Setup: The technicians will connect the signal source such as a computer, and verify proper installation.

Projector Screen Installation: Mounting and setup of either pull-down or motorized screen. This requires a power supply.

Alignment & Focus: Proper alignment and focus of an image on the screen.

Keystone Correction: Manual correction of the keystone effect to eliminate distortion.

Clean Up & Waste Disposal: They take care of the mess.

Warranty: Most technicians give up to one year warranty.