Security Cameras

Security Cameras
In recent times, security cameras have become important components of the security system in our homes and offices. There are several types and make of security cameras, and they come with multitude of different features. With so many choices to make, sometimes it’s difficult to know which of the security cameras will really suit your needs.
Some important features of security cameras
Below are some of the important features to take into account when comparing security cameras.
A camera that can pan or tilt to about 180o will be able to cover and record a larger area than a motionless camera. This therefore, reduces the total number of security cameras required to be installed in a particular area.
Motion Detection
Whenever a security camera with motion detection feature observes any motion within its field of view, it sends you notifications. These notifications can alert you of any suspicious activity so that you can monitor the situation.
Field of View
The degree of angle which a security camera can record is referred to Field of View. It is important to know the field of view of security cameras because it will help you to know the number of cameras you’ll need and the position that it should be placed.
The sound feature enables security cameras to receive sound through a microphone and give out sound through a speaker, or both. Cameras with both can be use as intercoms.
One important factor for every purchasing decision is cost. The purpose will be defeated if a security camera cost so much that you can’t afford other valuables you’re trying to protect with it.
The resolution of security cameras defines how sharp the image from your camera will be. A sharp visible image will be very useful when trying to identify faces or items in the images the camera has recorded.
Wi-Fi Capability
A security camera with Wi-Fi feature can be connected with your home wireless network which can be very useful for installation. And it is also less susceptible to being physical damage because it doesn’t have wires that could be accidentally cut.
Night Vision
How well a security camera can capture images at night or in a no light situation determines the effectiveness of such camera. Also the distance from which the camera can record images at night is a factor to be considered because most criminal activity happens at night.
Mobile App
Most new indoor and outdoor security cameras have an online mobile application that you can use to monitor your house or office while you are away. Both interior and exterior part of your house can be monitored online and on your smartphone through the use of the camera’s app.
Types of Security Cameras
Security cameras are basically categorized in two groups: the indoor cameras and the outdoor cameras. The major differences between these categories are the style of cameras and the features. Apart from these differences, both groups of cameras are similar in most aspect. They are both available as stand-alone unit and has part of subscription- based security monitoring systems.